At the core of Câllas Milano stands Cieffe, one of the most renowned garment factories in Italy. Here we are designing our exclusive designs and its talented team of craftsmen is manufacturing our pieces. Câllas Milano is fortunate and proud to be part of the Cieffe family.

The company was founded 35 years ago by Enza Gallina, mother of our co-founder and current Cieffe Chief Executive, Marco Panzeri. For decades, the family breathed passion and hard work into the factory to produce the highest quality garments in every category.

From top-of-the-line laser cutting techniques to intricate hand embroidery, Cieffe is constantly evolving to raise the bar on manufacturing by incorporating new technology into traditional craftsmanship.

Maintaining high quality throughout the design process is paramount to Câllas Milano. Our goal is to provide luxury pieces with a timeless and sophisticated style that will last forever.

Signature pleating, pattern making, and prints are quintessential to elevate our collection:

Pleat: A pleat is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself.

Across our silk blouses, the pleating details perfect each piece. While pleating might seem like a straightforward technique, it’s important to not overlook its simplicity and instead focus on refining the finish. Structure is one of the most important elements of a pleat. It is what makes the detail physically stand out and gives a garment movement. The Olympia blouse features delicate pleating details on the collars and in our next delivery we will be introducing a tea-length dress and a new trouser style with a lot of subtle pleating details.

Pattern: a pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled.

Throughout Italy, Cieffe is known for its premiere pattern making and research services. By employing the best pattern-makers in the industry who work in close collaboration with our talented design team, each product is expertly crafted to meet state of the art technical and creative standards.

With the experience of making over 360,000 patterns to date, Cieffe is truly a one-of-a-kind factory. Each pattern is a multi-step technical project where the smallest details matter. From the first sketches to the final fitting, the Cieffe pattern making process is perfected to enhance every product’s style and fit. While we love each and every one of our unique patterns, we’d like to highlight the perfectly cropped Charlotte trousers and the tailored fit of our Vittoria tuxedo jacket.

Print: a print is a piece of fabric or clothing with a decorative colored pattern or design printed on it.

One of our most beautiful new prints designs will launch in June. Made exclusively for Câllas Milano, the eye-catching pattern adds a touch of elegance to the classic, bohemian print by using neutral tones instead of bright colors. The earthy hues elevate the pattern across multiple silhouettes.

Câllas Milano is a uniquely Italian start-up, inspired by Milanese design talent, culture and landscapes. We aim to support our region and people in every aspect of our work. Without Italian artisans and the years, they’ve spent mastering exquisite manufacturing and handwork, Italian fashion would not be where it is today.