Our creative and cosmopolitan city’s vibrant beauty inspired the first edition of our signature silk scarf. Milan is home to man of the most renowned designers in fashion, furniture design and architecture. New technologies continue to modernize design process and production, whereas the quality standards have not changed generation after generation.

The signature Câllas Milano scarf ’s journey starts with the best available quality of natural silk, woven in a sophisticated four-ply technique. As a result, the foulard (as silk scarfs are also called) feels remarkably smooth and is strikingly soft on the skin. Our natural silk is sensitive enough to cover your nose and mouth safely and is uniquely stylish. We loosely attach the scarf to the back of our coats and jackets to add a unique signature element which also provides functionality.

We discovered Hannah and Henny (@hnyhany_) on Instagram. The duo is based in the heart of Berlin and together they have built a niche community of scarf lovers. Inspired by their grandmothers who used to style their everyday outfits with exquisite silk scarves, they reinvented the traditional art of silk square design through a modern lens.

Featured in editorials in Elle, Bazaar and Vogue, Hannah and Henny are passionate about creating limited design patterns made to worn over generations.

Check out our behind-the-scenes interview with Henny below!

CM: What was your inspiration behind the Callas collaboration scarf?

H: The original inspiration was one of our hnyHANY scarves called “Souvenir” in which we captured all our favorite spots and places we call home. For Câllas, we wanted to do something similar to set the scene for their first collection. So, we looked for places dear to their hearts within the city of Milano. Color-wise we took inspiration from gothic and renaissance paintings. The shapes used in the border were influenced by the lead glass windows in the many churches throughout Milan.

CM: Where do you look for inspiration?

H: I personally love to find inspiration in the weird, everyday objects that you wouldn’t expect to find beauty in but that catch your eye for their color or shape. For example, one of my prints for hnyHANY features a vibrant orange garbage truck.

CM: Can you speak to the fabrics you use and where do you find them?

H: So far, we’ve only used silk twill in our collection. In my opinion silk is really unique in its softness and durability. To me, this is very important as scarves are mostly worn in direct contact to the skin and also because my aspiration for our product is that it should last long and, hopefully, will be inherited by the next generation.

CM: Why did the Câllas collaboration appeal to you?

H: The Câllas philosophy is very similar to hnyHANYs. To create timeless pieces with a focus on craftsmanship and quality. But, mainly, the idea to use scarves in a very unusual way, placed on or attached to another garment, really excited us.

CM: How has the scarf as an accessory and wardrobe staple evolved over the years?

H: Hannah and I both grew up with grandmothers that wore many silk scarves. I think that is the special thing about this accessory. It can be worn by anybody, old or young, in an extravagant fashion or also in an almost prudent way. Maybe the everyday way to style a scarf hasn’t changed a lot over the decades, but the prints have become more playful and, to me, that may have sparked the revival of this wardrobe staple. 

CM: What is your favorite way to style a scarf?

H: I still wear them mostly around my neck. It’s the easiest way to upgrade your outfit with a little colorful scarf. But I also like to wear them around the head when my hair gets in the way or as a bow on my bags.

CM: If you could describe the Câllas collaboration scarf in one word, what would you say?


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