Pia Zanardi, founder and creative director of Yali. 

I just moved back to Milano after having spent a few years in New York.  I have been walking around a lot since I arrived to experience the many different volumes, structures and shapes of it. One of my mist loved part of town is the historical center called Cinque Vie.

Especially the older people who live there have the best style. Their favorite colors are all tones of terracotta and shades of brown and they wear moccasins all year.

For me style is something timeless that doesn’t go out of fashion and it should derive from a very personal taste. Mine is very much influenced by what I see in my everyday life and my travels and also by my family.  


Il Consolare in Brera for the best fish in town. I love going there for lunch. 

Latteria di San Marco in the historical center serves the best, most simple everyday food and is super cosy.

Vasiliki Kouzina close to Porta Romana for authentic Greek food and a taste of Mediterranean at any time of the year.

Osaka, the best Japanese restaurant in town.

Food shopping: Peck is a must for Italian food lovers. They offer the best cheeses, hams and wines from all over the country.


Cavalli e Nastri for best vintage finds.

Tea Rose is an iconic boutique which offers a unique combination of scents, lights, flowers and couture.

Pupi Solari for the chicest Children’s wear.

Meru for jewelry.

Must see art (there is so much more to discover): 

Pinacoteca di Brera where you can find my favorite Raffaello panting of all time, Sposalizio della Vergine.

Museo del Cenacolo Vinciano: You can’t leave Milan without viewing Leonardo da Vinci’s master piece “The Last Supper”.

Fondazione Prada for its contemporary art collection and architecture.





I also made a playlist for you :)

Enjoy Milano.

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