Fresco paintings are all around us in Italy. One only needs to look around, and especially up, in historical buildings, to see wonderful examples of colorful pigments which have been meticulously painted to plastered walls. Some are religious in nature, others depict allegorical or historical scenes. One of our favorites is found on the ceiling of the Scala del Asse, in Milan’s Sforza Castle. Painted by Da Vinci, it is a trompe l’oeil painting that depicts a beautiful canopy of trees and the sky above, blurring the confines of the architecture cleverly.

Inspired by the skill and artistry of Fresco paintings, Callas has created a unique print that is a modern interpretation of a ubiquitous part of our surroundings. Earthy shades of camel and khaki highlighted in areas of sky blue and lavender, the Callas Fresco print is an abstract design that is available across a variety of styles.


The print is created on a fine silk scarf twill, a fabric that provides a luxurious and supple cloth to work with. The graphic yet diffuse pattern and the nature-inspired coloration make the print both arresting and versatile in your wardrobe. Whether in the Anna softly tailored trench coat, in the relaxed spirit of the tiered and gathered Tilda dress, or as an unexpected back panel juxtaposed on a poplin shirt dress, the Fresco print lends a beautiful spirit to classically designed wardrobe must-haves.

At Callas, we love the spontaneous chic which comes from dressing and accessorizing with printed, colorful scarves. In the case of the Lisa shirt, we made this relaxed yet crisp style using panels of the Fresco print on scarves. The scarf panels with their graphic borders create a modernist frame to the abstract beauty of the print. It is made in the most classic and fundamental piece in a woman’s wardrobe: the perfect button-front shirt. The Pia shirt dress has the same polish and essential quality as the Lisa shirt, elongated to wear as a tunic dress alone, or styled over a pair of trousers. The Pia dress features an oversized wedge shape fit, with a subtly draped reveal at the back neck, to create a sensual balance to an otherwise universally desired staple in a woman’s wardrobe, the shirt dress.


The Carina sweater is a new addition to the Callas collection. A relaxed and oversized wedge-shaped V neck style, with a dolman silhouette and cropped sleeves, the Carina is a perfect example of easy dressing. The addition of the Fresco print panel on the back gives it the unexpected twist that elevates a wardrobe necessity to something unique. Worn over jeans, this sweater is a special and luxurious addition to more easy-going dressing, which is a sensibility we love at Callas.

The Anna trench coat in the Fresco print is a bold statement, ready for nights out to dress for a special event while the Anna dress, with its multi-tiered and gently gathered long peasant skirt calls to mind easy-late summer days, perfect for dining alfresco, worn with open sandals. It also works perfectly for when autumn arrives, styled back to a suede boot. The silhouette has a gently shaped bodice, a subtle point of tailoring which makes the dress easy to wear, in a relaxed manner, without being overwhelming in scale.

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