The art of layering is about curating the perfect mixture of simple cuts, unique patterns and styles across one silhouette.

By nature, layering is rooted in versatility and practicality and supports a more sustainable way of shopping. Garments are meant to be worn together and investing in luxurious, timeless pieces is the perfect way to start creating a foundation for limitless layers, options, and outfits.

Layering can be daunting at first but it is a key styling tool that's worth practicing, one that will expand your wardrobe from season to season. What you’re looking for is “just enough”, and the key is to think quality, not quantity.  

Whether you’re dressing for high summer or are bundling up for winter, here are three layering tips which will help you guide through it.

Mix Textures When Dressing in Monochrome Fashion

When dressing in a uniform color, layering different textiles is key to visually break up your outfit. For a neutral palette, try to work in thick and thin fabrics like knits and sweaters that create dimension and depth. When dressing in one color from head-to-toe, lean into mixing up silhouettes that are made from various materials.

Style tip: To make an all-black look feel more exciting, try pairing our Romy ribbed sleeveless turtleneck with our jersey Jules trousers. Not only will the fabrics feel soft on your skin, but they are also aesthetically pleasing together to the eye.

A Scarf Is The Ultimate Layer

It’s no secret that scarves are the most versatile accessory. From dressing up the top handle of your favorite bag to creating a fashion moment as a headpiece, scarves can easily transform a simple look into a stylish number. When it comes to layering, think of a scarf as the cherry on top of any outfit. Not only does it elevate any garment, but it adds an elegant flare to both casual and fancy fits.

Style tip: For a clever and effortlessly chic way to style our outerwear, we wrapped one of our signature silk scarves around the back side of our Anna trench coat and the Vittoria tuxedo jacket.

Play With Patterns

Prints and patterns are designed to be playful. From bold stripes to subtle patterns, prints are perfect to mix, match, and layer. However, it’s important to pair patterns carefully. Taking note of complementary colors and balancing darring prints with softer patterns are key things to keep top of mind. Each layer should play off of the others without overshadowing or looking crowded.

Wear the light blue Pia Shirtdress with the fresco print silk back paired with the signature Milano scarf. The gorgeous earthy colors of the dress will pop even more when paired with the classic blue pattern of the scarf

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