At Câllas, responsibly made means taking a holistic approach to every step in the creation and execution of the collection. For example, our headquarters and primary manufacturing facility is powered entirely by solar energy.

All our paper and plastic packaging is made from recycled material and compostable, respectively.

Being in the heart of Italy's fashion manufacturing center certainly helps: Milan, Bergamo and Como are within 75 miles, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint when transferring goods and materials. And most likely, the items our client purchase online has been carefully wrapped and sent directly from the very facility where it was made in Soncino, Italy.


We work exclusively with Italy's most sophisticated fabric mills and suppliers. Our responsibly sourced fabrics include cotton poplins which are traceable to be ethically and environmentally conscious. American Supima® cotton spun with fine Egyptian cotton is the ultimate choice for not only for a beautiful product, but comes with a commitment to consciously considered resourcing.

Our special crepe jersey used throughout the collection and featured especially in the trouser collection is FSC® certified which ensures the use of renewable materials, mindful that the production is leaving a cleaner and more sustainable environmental footprint.

Câllas also uses certified Cradle to Cradle® yarns for knitwear, which identifies the highest standards of the ethical and mulesing free treatment of animals, along with the best in kind standards of clean cultivation and yarn manufacturing.


At Câllas, we are always mindful that our products are made from the very best, utilizing the most thoughtful processes and of the highest quality materials, and we are keenly aware of the priority that responsible choices are a top priority to craft a truly luxury collection.

With this approach to responsible manufacturing and thoughtful designs, we aim to create clothing that will be essential allies in your wardrobe for many years to come: beautiful and enduring pieces that become wardrobe staples, not merely seasonal artifacts that quickly become disposable and easily forgotten.

This is the commitment that Câllas makes to create responsible designs. Further details of these considerations and others like it can be found in the product pages of the website and also be shopped in our dedicated Responsible Collection.