Inspired by the chic and practical style of the Milanese, Câllas Milano creates the ultimate luxury wardrobe for modern women—no matter where they happen to live. 

Perfect trousers that hang just right and will stand by you season after season. Blouses in irresistible prints and surprising colors. The perfect dress that rolls with flats or heels or boots and works pretty much from Gennaio a Dicembre. A series of wonderfully versatile silk scarves are our Câllas signature. A truly classic trench that slides over everything on those Milan mornings when the fog is a bit wetter than we'd wish. 

And, certo!  Beautiful knitwear — to layer under the trench, or over the dress, the disarming blouses....perfect crisp shirts (See? The ultimate wardrobe.)

Each new delivery enhances and completes an existing wardrobe in “modules” which don’t render previous styles obsolete but rather enhance them. Before you know it, you will want to wear nothing else.


Câllas Milano was founded by friends and fellow fashion entrepreneurs, Marco Panzeri and Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann, during one of the most challenging times for the Italian fashion industry in 2020. Marco works alongside his mother and family who own and run the Soncino factory where Câllas Milano is patterned, cut and sewn; Jan-Hendrik is a German-born fashion executive with decades of experience in Italy and the luxury world.

This new venture returns to the roots of what Italian artisans and mills have perfected over centuries of experience: the most refined ready-to-wear clothing in the world.

With Câllas, we bring a fresh and timely perspective on sustainability and on what luxury fashion can and should be today.

From the first stitch to the final product, Câllas delivers exclusive, luxury pieces that you not only come back to but fall in love with forever.


What is style without quality? Italians have a word for it. Niente!

The factory where Câllas is develop is located in Soncino, about an hour east of Milan.

Founded by an enterprising woman, and still in the hands of the same family more than three decades later, it has long combined exquisite artisanal skills and high-tech production capabilities to manufacture collections for the most renowned fashion houses in Italy.