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Featuring BJ Topol

Art advisor extraordinaire BJ Topol shares her passion for art and fashion with everyone she meets. Since co-founding Topol Childs Art Advisory in 2007, she’s worked with museums and private collectors focusing on Modern and Contemporary Art. 

Here, BJ lets us in on her style secrets, inspirations, and more.


How do you define your style?  

A mix between the artists Donald Judd and Carol Bove.  

What do you dress for?  

“My work as an Art Advisor calls for versatility and individualism. I am often uptown and downtown in the same day, going from gallery visits during the day to auctions or art openings at night. I love the freedom inherent in NYC and the inspiration everywhere.  My roots are as a Lake Tahoe kid, so I often combine high and low: an antique Victorian choker with a Câllas blouse and well-worn jean shorts.”  

BJ Topol wearing callas milano

What’s your passion? 

“My family, art, fashion, NYC  and waterskiing on Lake Tahoe.”  

Women who inspire you?

“Without a doubt, my two daughters: Isabel, age 20 and Alexandra, age 19.”

callas milano details

What’s your dream?  

“I’m so grateful to be living it right now.”

Plan for today?  

“Work from my home office, lunch Balthazar with my best friend Wen Zhou, an afternoon uptown to view artwork I sourced for a client and a quick visit to MOMA to see the Matisse exhibition and say hello to my favorite works in the 20th Century wing.” 

bj topol dressed in callas milano

Next travel destination?  

“ An adventure with my two daughters and family friends. We’re going to Patmos—first time in Greece—and Venice to see the Biennale. CANNOT WAIT!”

bj topol wearing callas permanent collection

Favorite Câllas piece?   

“It’s a tie between the Clara Peacoat in navy cotton for spring. I love that the cotton is water resistant!”

clara peacoat callas milano bj topol

“And the Jules Trouser in black.”

jules trousers bj topol