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Club Câllas is a celebration of friends from our inner circle who answer all of our burning questions.  

Featuring Michaela Cordes

A globe-trotting editor-in-chief, mother of two, and an entrepreneur, Michaela Cordes gets more done in a day than most hope to do in a week. Driven by her precise vision, effortless grace, and an ability to empower her colleagues, Michaela goes far and wide in search of the latest places, people, and objects to grace the pages of GG-Magazine, while having raised two daughters, and running HICYCLE, her boutique cycle studio in her hometown of Hamburg, Germany. 

Here, Michaela lets us in on her style wisdom, upcoming plans, and lifelong dreams.

How do you define your style?

“Elegant with a touch of hippie. I love a ‘70s flared pant look and always need to feel comfortable. I also love Coco Chanel’s advice: ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.’ Less is definitely more!”

What do you dress for?

“I go from elegant and more formal for in-person meetings at the office to relaxed for HICYCLE meetings. Lately, depending on my mood and my schedule, I incorporate more color, but I wear them as monochrome looks instead of mixing too many colors. For nights out, I love getting dressed up and wearing heels.”

What’s your passion?

“Meeting inspiring, creative personalities, understanding how they built their businesses, and writing about them. I also love sailing, skiing, and spending time with my two daughters.”

Women who inspire you?

“I adore Lauren Santo Domingo’s style. It reminds me of Caroline Bessette Kennedy’s effortless elegance. My friend Bj Topol not only has exquisite taste in art but also knows how to build a fabulous wardrobe collection. I also always admired Katherine Graham, the former publisher of The Washington Post and how bravely she took the helm there. Reading her autobiography Personal History was super inspiring!”

What’s your dream?

“To sail around the world one day. I am never happier than when I’m spending time on the water.”

Plan for today?

“I am currently in NYC, so I’m starting my day with online meetings with my GG-Magazine team to discuss our upcoming Travel Issue. Then I’ll check in with my HICYCLE studio manager, Anja in Hamburg, Germany. Next, I’m getting a private tour of a spectacular penthouse that’s currently for sale in midtown and afterwards I am looking forward to dinner at Mr. Chow’s downtown with my daughter Georgina who just moved to NYC for her studies.”

Next travel destination?

“Ruanda to visit the mountain Gorillas. I’m super excited.”

Favorite Câllas piece?

“The Jane pinstripe flared pants, the pink velvet James jacket and Lexi trousers, and the white Sirene shirt.”