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Featuring Kia D. Goosby

Kia D. Goosby, fashion market editor of Vanity Fair, is a trendsetter with a keen eye for style. With her impeccable taste and insider knowledge, Kia shapes the world of women's fashion with her unique perspective and style.

Are you doing anything fun this summer?

I think the highlight of this summer will be traveling and taking some time off. Although I haven’t decided on a destination yet, I have a strong desire to visit Jamaica and Grand Cayman. I’m also excited to explore outside of New York City, as I am hearing a lot about Beacon and Kingston. Despite having lived in NYC for so long, I haven’t had the opportunity to discover these places outside the city, and would really love to travel more places in upstate New York.


Where are your favorite places to hang out this summer?

Honestly, I like to be at home. It may sound boring, but I'm actually looking forward to slowing down and savoring the ease that summer brings. It's a time when things aren't so hectic, and I can appreciate the freedom of not constantly being on the move. The city offers numerous fantastic restaurants and interesting places to explore, but what I truly cherish is having downtime.