Responsible Fashion: Our Cotton Poplin

Beautiful garments are something truly special. They clothe us, they adorn us, and they offer a mode of self-expression. At Câllas, we believe that the inherent beauty of any piece of clothing goes only as deep as its origins and the manner in which it was produced. Our practice of responsible fashion takes a holistic approach to the entire creation process and execution of our collections.

This is where traceability comes in—the ability to know the source location of a product, which not only tells us where the fabric itself comes from, but also how  it impacts the environment. Traceability of the raw materials which goes into creating the fabric is helping to create a more transparent textile supply chain. 

Our cotton poplin is a prime example of this ethos, as it’s traceable to be ethically and environmentally conscious. American Supima® cotton spun with fine Egyptian cotton ensures both a premium product and a commitment to consciously considered resourcing. We work with Italy’s most respected fabric mills and suppliers, those that combine cutting edge technology with time-tested methods.

Callas uses fabric from the Albini Group, the leader in premium Italian textiles. Their use of Oritian™️, the world leader in forensic science, allows for 100% scientifically traceable fabric. So every time you buy a piece from our cotton poplin collection, you know exactly what and where your beautiful garment is made from.

Our use of traceable fabrics is just one part of a larger Câllas story, one that highlights premium quality pieces, operates with strict ethics, honors the artisanal, and values the European sensibility of sophisticated simplicity above all else. Everything we produce is made in Italy, and most often shipped directly from the manufacturing site to the customer, which cuts down both on price and our carbon footprint. We strive for transparency in all that we do, and we invite you to join us on this journey of responsible fashion.

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