At Câllas, clothes adaptable to the requirements of travel are important to our design considerations. The choices of fabrics and styling allow for easy dressing in many situations, whether traveling longer distances or for one’s usual daily commute. 

Our collection of viscose crepe trousers are made in a jersey fabric which has a compact weave which helps it maintain a crisp silhouette. The fabric is made with a significant amount of Elastin yarns in the composition, providing a comfortable wear with its four-way stretch. The matte fabric subtly contours the body while also providing a remarkable ease of movement. Each of the different styles have the cut and details to create both sophisticated and versatile dressing. The trousers are easy care, virtually wrinkle free, even when packing, and will be flawless wardrobe essentials.


Short or longer flights call for relaxed dressing. While the days of sweatshirt dressing may be over, the desire for comfort dressing does not lose its appeal.

Layering our Petra button down poplin shirt over the Mia straight line legging makes for a terrific travel look.

The stretch crepe jersey fabric of the Mia trouser and the relaxed silhouette of the cotton poplin Petra shirt make for an easy and crisp look while navigating thru airports and arriving at your destination in style.

We suggest our Sasha sweater to chase the chill of unpredictable air conditioning. 


In Europe and Asia, inter-city travel is efficiently accomplished by train. Unlike air travel, train trips begin and end in urban centers, so a sense of formality in travel dressing is required.

The Jane denim trouser is an ideal candidate. Its long and lean silhouette which has a stylish flare leg is the perfect combination of ease and informality, while also imparting a sophisticated look. The fabric has a substantial amount of Elastin yarns in the composition giving the Jane a sleek modern fit while also making it the most comfortable jean style trouser in your wardrobe.

Worn with our silk crepe Olympia blouse, there is an undeniable sophistication to this travel ensemble. The Carina light weight merino wool sweater is another versatile piece to wear back to the Jane, perfect for traveling between different temperature zones.


Traveling long distances in confined spaces require extra effort when looking to dress comfortably without sacrificing style.

The Chiara slim jogger was created to answer those moments when a little extra room in clothes is desired, while upgrading the style quotient. It has a contoured waistband that sits comfortably across a lowered waistline, features a curved front yoke that keeps the upper portion of the trouser slim, without the extra bulk of a conventional jogging pant. From below the front yoke, there are trousers pleats to provide that extra room thru the thighs, perfect for when the default situation is being seated for long periods of time.

Created in a substantial four way stretch crepe jersey, the Chiara manages to balance relaxed style and the ultimate in comfort. The easy-care crepe fabric is virtually wrinkle free, so looking fresh at your destination is achievable even after the most grueling travel situation. The Romy sleeveless turtleneck sweater is a perfect pairing back to the Chiara jogger. The slim fit of the sweater, made from a soft, lightweight merino wool, makes for the perfect underpinning to layer as needed when traveling across different climates. 

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